William D. Hackler

William D. Hackler

Retirement Plan Specialist

William D. Hackler is Integrated Financial Partners' Retirement Plan Specialist and the founder of the Integrated 401(k)™ which is a finely tuned process to show you how your employee retirement plan fits into your overall wealth accumulation goals. As a primary source of retirement income, careful consideration must be taken to maximize the current tax laws and serve you and your valued employees.

For the past 20 years, Will has been regarded as a specialist on all aspects of retirement planning. He understands the complex intricacies of establishing and monitoring all different types of plans from solo practitioners to companies in excess of 500 employees. He has a proven track record working with companies to build, frequently review and service their retirement plans. For his entire career, Will has been helping design retirement plans for dentists and understands their unique complexity, compliance requirements and unique risks.

A graduate of Bryant University, Will is a member of the American Society of Pension Professional & Actuaries and the National Institute of Pension Administrators.

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